Yay, I’m going to yarn bomb the Schanze (the district of Hamburg we live in) with tiny, crocheted hearts on Valentine’s Day. This idea came to my mind some days ago and I thought I wouldn’t make it to crochet enough hearts but… at last, I managed it!

I want these hearts to make everybody who’s looking at them happy for a moment. And maybe, hopefully, this feeling of happiness will last for some hours. Even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day for whatever reason. And especially when you feel lonely because the one you love is not in town or because you’re not in a relationship but rather would be.


I want my little hearts to remember everybody who sees them that love is not just about this one day, a big gesture, an expensive gift or the perfect decoration on your Valentine’s date. It’s about the little things and about being nice to other people and showing them that you love them throughout the year. It’s about buying a flower for the old lady who is living on her own in the basement of your building, it’s about a phone call you make, a letter or just a postcard you send to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.

It’s about giving a cute, dinosaur shaped rattle and some hot chocolate to the new parents you barely know because they’re just new neighbors but whose baby is still in hospital.

It’s about looking in the eyes of your husband or wife, of your children and your parents, your siblings and your friends and tell them how much you love them and how happy you are to share your life with them. And you have to hug them, of course! There is no easier and cheaper way to show someone you love him and make this person feel comfortable and loved than giving him a good long hug.

So… what was this post basically planned to be about? Yarn bombing, right. I will take some pictures of where the hearts will be hanging tomorrow and share them with you. I’m really excited about this!




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