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How many…

…projects do you have going on at the same time? I’ve been thinking about the reason why it feels like I am always working on something, but never get anything finished. And I think the reason is that I am currently working on 7 projects, and none of them is a five minute project…

Number one and two are some nursery art projects.


Number three is…a little secret, because it’s a surprise for my boyfriend, and number four needs some more cans before being turned into a little shelf.

Projects number 5 & 6 are two more baby blankets I’m working on, and project number 7 will hopefully become a trouser for little Miss P. – I restarted knitting this project about…6 times, and I already noticed that I made a mistake in this version again, so we will see if and when these trousers will get finished.

Let’s have a great (and crafty) weekend, everybody!

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