Today our sweet little baby is 20 weeks old. Full 20 weeks. I can hardly believe that I’m already halfway through this pregnancy. Times rushes by right now, I started to work again on Monday for four hours a day in the emergency room I worked in before to earn some money – because there’s something I already learned: there’s way too much super – duper cute baby stuff out there. And we, no, wait,  can’t resist to buy something that’s particularly cute every now and then.

But let’s go back to what I actually wanted to talk about: 20 weeks. We kind of “celebrated” this milestone of pregnancy with some ice cream…

…and a trip to one of my favorite baby stores to check out prams – again!

What can I say – we, no, wait, still can’t decide what’s more important: a pram which is modern, practical and functional but just not beautiful (to me) or a retro looking pram which is so, so beautiful but neither practical nor functional.

While I am still struggling with the pram decision my better half was more interested into something else:

A wooden toy railway. It seems as if there’s a little boy hidden in every man, no matter how old they are. But the picture really makes me smile, I can’t wait t o see our little one play with its daddy! I, for my part, got my heart stolen by that cute little chair you can see in the background. But before I buy any furniture, I have to remove all of my stuff from the future nursery… still don’t know where to store all that fabric, my sewing machine, my desk… but I’m pretty sure that we will find a solution right in time.

After that little shopping- and inspiration-trip we spent some relaxing time on our balcony, which is really beautiful by now. Although we still had some sunshine, it was already fresh outside – but it was the perfect weather for snuggling into my favorite blanket – I love it so much, I finished it about 2 years ago, but I still love the little details and the color combination and… just everything!

I plan to start sewing a little baby blanket similar to that – I’ve already ordererd some volume fleece to make the blanket a bit more comfy and warm, but I still wait for the little ones gender reveal – because I admit that my fabric choices depends on whether it’s a girl or a boy. Just a little bit, it won’t be a baby blue blanket for a boy or a light pink blanket for a girl, but I think some fabrics are just more boyish and others more girlie. I want the little one to still like its blanket when it is older and I just don’t think a boy at the age of ten likes pink or red hearts all over his blanket… maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. Hopefully, we get to know the gender in about two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that the little one doesn’t sit cross-legged in my belly again at our next ultrasound appointment!


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