DSC_1605Last tuesday was my first evening without my baby girl. For two and a half hours I spent the evening at the “Lokal”, a beautiful house nearby where regular theme evenings take place as well as a knit night once a month, Etsy labs every now and then, and last tuesday, it was Supercraft night. I went there with a friend of mine, we purchased a Supercraft Kit and started being creative.

I really like the idea of a kit filled with several DIY supplies as well as tutorials for different projects which can be realized with the materials inside the kit. But I also think this kit might be more interesting for someone who is taking his first steps in the world of DIY. And I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed because I thought the evening would be more like chatting and exchanging experiences and sharing tips with other crafty girls. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected, the other girls were either not interested to talk at all or not willing to include us into their group that was formed really quick. Nevertheless it was a nice happening and I enjoyed some time with my friend as well as some crafting time without being interrupted by my screaming (but still lovely) little girl. I wouldn’t participate in another Supercraft Lab but I am really excited to see how the Etsy Lab in the end of the month is going to be. Hopefully it will be a better experience.


DSC_1621DSC_1607DSC_1627I hope to have some more time for crafting soon – I admit that I feel like I really accomplished a lot when I manage to do the laundry and clean up the kitchen besides taking care of Lotta. Is it just me or are there other new moms who feel like this as well? Please say yes!

So I guess the colleague who wrote: “too many to does, decrease your speed, learn just to be, like your baby” as a reaction to my New Year’s resolutions was damn right. With so many projects waiting in line to be finished or started it is just frustrating when I notice in the end of the day that I did not make anything creative again. And let’s not talk about sports, reading or regular blog posts. Maybe – hopefully – time will be my white knight and someday, with a little bit more routine, I will be able to manage family life, household, craft projects and blogging. I really hope so. Good advices by experienced moms are welcome!


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