A new year has begun and like every year and like everybody else, I do have resolutions for 2013 as well. But as I don’t remember my goals for 2012 (this also means that I don’t have to admit that I didn’t realize them, so… I for sure fulfilled all of them!), I thought it could be helpful to publish this year’s resolutions here. Because on the one hand this way I’ll definitely remember my resolutions and on the other hand it will hopefully make me want to achieve them even more.

So here are my Resolutions for 2013:New Year's Resolution

  1. Blog regularly: I really want to blog on a regular basis in 2013. I just need to figure out which frequency works best for me – every second day or just twice a week? The only thing I already know is that posting every day won’t work at the moment, with my little baby girl needing so much of my attention… I guess every second day is what I’m targeting. 
  2. Loose baby weight: Not that easy with all the sweets we still have lying here around from Christmas. But I really want to stick to that resolution and loose weight by eating healthy and regularly and by doing some sports again. And I don’t just want to loose weight by doing this, I also want these things to become habits with the intention to be a good role model for my daughter.
  3. Become less messy: I should put this more positively, maybe: become more organized. I guess everybody who knows me would say it is hopeless, but nevertheless I want to give it another try. Hope dies last.
  4. Take a sewing class: I remember I already wanted to take a sewing class in 2012. I didn’t. But I want it so badly, I have to take the class this year!
  5. Read more: I think I have to define what “more” means. I guess I’ll try to read one book a month. I know it’s not much to read one book per month but as I really had trouble to find books that were fascinating enough to get read in the past, it is a realistic goal for me.
  6. Open a DaWanda shop: This resolution is a big one. And maybe it’s naive to believe I could sell stuff I made. But my friends keep saying I should try it and that’s what I want to do. Give it a try. For those of you not knowing what DaWanda is, it is the German version of Etsy.
  7. Taking better/more pictures: About one year ago I started taking pictures with my boyfriend’s DSLR and I really fell in love with photography. It is so cool to have beautiful pictures of special days and I like it even more to have pictures of normal days and moments I probably wouldn’t even remember without photos. In addition to this, I will need pictures for my DaWanda shop if it will become reality. And this is why I want to improve my skills in photography. I already started working on this resolution by participating in the “photo a day challenge” by Fat Mum Slim.
  8. Make more/create more: So. This is something I really have to work on. Still the old problem. It’s not that I run out of ideas but I plan to make something, have another thing in mind that has to be finished, come up with a completely new idea and shop supplies for it but don’t start the project. What I want to achieve this year is to actually make all the stuff I have planned. Maybe I have to be strict with myself and throw away projects that haven’t been finished for a definite time. But I guess the only way that works for me concerning this resolution is: Stop thinking! Start doing!
  9. Work on my blog design: To work on my blog in general and especially on its design is something I really want to do. But I think I will need professional help. And I guess I am willing to purchase professional help this year in order to be really happy with my blog design. So I think this goal is absolutely achievable!

2013 – let’s do it!


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