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January Wishlist

1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8 So here is my first wishlist in 2013! I really love and want to own everything on this list but my first purchase will be the Fjällräven backpack because I figured out that a regular bag is not really practical as a diaper bag when you carry a baby in a baby-sling. All of my handbags slip from shoulder again and again and again which is really annoying. So I decided I need a backpack. I just have to decide which color is my favorite one. Which color would you choose?

2013 – New Year’s Resolutions

A new year has begun and like every year and like everybody else, I do have resolutions for 2013 as well. But as I don’t remember my goals for 2012 (this also means that I don’t have to admit that I didn’t realize them, so… I for sure fulfilled all of them!), I thought it could be helpful to publish this year’s resolutions here. Because on the one hand this way I’ll definitely remember my resolutions and on the other hand it will hopefully make me want to achieve them even more. So here are my Resolutions for 2013: Blog regularly: I really want to blog on a regular basis in 2013. I just need to figure out which frequency works best for me – every second day or just twice a week? The only thing I already know is that posting every day won’t work at the moment, with my little baby girl needing so much of my attention… I guess every second day is what I’m targeting.  Loose baby weight: Not that easy with …