Last week, I went to Ikea with a dear friend of mine to buy some shelves and boxes with the intention to organize my creative stuff. Little Miss P. will have to share her nursery with me for quite a while, so I wanted it to be a little more tidy than it is now. But I guess, like everyone else, I didn’t just end up with shelves and boxes, but with this beautiful wrapping paper above as well as some early Christmas stuff.

Beautiful and girly boxes to store lovely things as well as simple boxes to just get organized better.

I guess our Christmas will be red and white this year… I fell in love with the candles the second I saw them and decided to buy them to have candles in stock for an Advent wreath already. If everything goes on like it’s planned, we’ll have our little baby girl the week before the first Advent, and as I know myself, I will want to have an Advent wreath nevertheless, so I thought I’d prepare it a little bit earlier this year to prevent additional stress from our first few weeks as a family of three.

While we were walking through Ikea, my friend and I talked about whether we know any woman who ever left Ikea with just exactly what she planned to buy there? Because we never ever managed to buy nothing additionally. And we asked ourselves whether Ikea makes more money by selling stuff people plan to buy there or with the “small stuff” that you throw into your shopping cart besides, thinking: “I totally need some more napkins/boxes/curtains/whatever”. What do you think?

And is there anybody out there who is an absolutely strictly shopping list shopper when it is Ikea where you’re shopping at?


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