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Advent Wreath

Happy second Sunday of Advent, everybody! Surprisingly, I made it to make an Advent wreath last Sunday so we could light the first candle in the evening. Admittedly it’s pretty simple but it just took me five minutes to finish it – and that means more time to snuggle the cutest little baby ever! And despite its simplicity I really like it and enjoy the way it looks with two candles burning. I hope you enjoy this second Sunday of Advent as well, spending time with family or friends, relaxing on the couch with candle light and a delicious, hot drink or maybe you appreciate some glogg on the Christmas market. Whatever it is you do to have a nice day, have fun!

Ikea Treasures

Last week, I went to Ikea with a dear friend of mine to buy some shelves and boxes with the intention to organize my creative stuff. Little Miss P. will have to share her nursery with me for quite a while, so I wanted it to be a little more tidy than it is now. But I guess, like everyone else, I didn’t just end up with shelves and boxes, but with this beautiful wrapping paper above as well as some early Christmas stuff. Beautiful and girly boxes to store lovely things as well as simple boxes to just get organized better. I guess our Christmas will be red and white this year… I fell in love with the candles the second I saw them and decided to buy them to have candles in stock for an Advent wreath already. If everything goes on like it’s planned, we’ll have our little baby girl the week before the first Advent, and as I know myself, I will want to have an Advent wreath nevertheless, so I …