As photos are extremely important for both of us, we’re always searching for unique and fun ways to display them.

I found this picture online that inspired me to make the following photo display myself. It is really easy, it’s cheap and I love the result.

In addition to that, there are so many possibilities to vary how the result turns out in the end – you can use any color of yarn, different colors, fabric instead of yarn, a different shape if you use a regular picture frame, you can display only one photo or, as I did, a collection of photos, you can hang your selfmade photo display on your wall as a single eye-catcher, or you could also pair it with others. You see, there are many ways to pimp your home with this simple DIY. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Find a hoop or anything else that can be wrapped with yarn or fabric and used as a frame.

I found this plastic hoop during a walk near our home and although I originally planned to use a wooden hoop, I decided to save some money and to “recycle” the hoop. If you used a wooden hoop, it wouldn’t even be necessary to wrap yarn/fabric around it, which makes it much quicker to finish the project.

Step 2: Attach the double sided adhesive tape to the outside of the hoop.

Step 3: Wrap your yarn around the hoop and criss cross through it.

This is how my criss cross wrapped yarn looked when I was finished, but of course it’s up to you how often you wrap the yarn through the hoop, the gaps between the strings could be much bigger or smaller, it’s up to you!

Step 4: Find a place where you’d like your new, self made photo display to present your pictures.

Step 5: Fix the photos you’ve chosen before with the clothespins, rearrange until you’re happy with the result and you’re done!



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