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I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted something. Time’s flying by at the moment. We’re busy working and preparing the flat for the baby – there’s really not much more at the moment. Besides meeting friends every now and then.

Here are a couple of things that made me happy during the last two weeks:

Receiving a wonderful package from Cate – we were partners in the Lovely Package Exchange, organized by oh hello friend. I plan to post more photos of all the gorgeous things and packaging soon, but unfortunately I have some trouble with iPhoto at the moment and I’m not quite sure when these problems will be fixed.

Cold drinks in the sun (and on a warm evening after a sunny day).

Our new pram:

Frozen joghurt with fruits, mini marshmellows and rainbow sprinkles and… a rainbow.

I started to work on two different baby blankets and it’s really fun to crochet these Granny Squares, I’ve never done that before, but I love it because of the huge possibility of mixing colors and because it’s a project with quick results.

As usual, I’m linking up with Lindsay of Hello Hue.

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  1. that frozen yogurt looks SO delicious! and I love those granny squares. I tend to only crochet in the winter, but I really love it–so relaxing. you two must be so excited for baby to arrive! :)

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