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It’s the little things

It’s Friday, time to look back and think about happy moments I had last week.

The best thing about this week was that we finally found out the gender of our little baby! I’m over the moon to announce that we’re having a little girl in November!

Gold stars on the luggage rack of a bicycle.

This beautiful view while waiting for my sister.

These brushes and pens in a window of a studio we walked by the evening we celebrated that we’re having a daughter. They make me want to paint something immediately.

Usually, I would link up this post with Lindsay of Hello Hue, but she didn’t do a „It’s the little things“ post this Friday, so I think maybe she’s having her baby boy this weekend?! If that’s the reason she missed the post, we all know what made her happy this week, anyway.

So, have a great weekend, everybody!

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