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A Sweet Gift

Guess what I received via mail today? A super cute gift from friends who spent an afternoon with us last weekend as we had a little barbecue on our balcony. It was beautifully wrapped and I really love what was inside – the baby journal which was on my baby wish list that I posted three weeks ago!  I really like the modern design of this baby journal, the colors and that it is printed on paper from responsible forestry. A bookmark and a protective cover were included as well. And the pages have this gold edge, which wouldn’t have been necessary to make it a beautiful book, but it threw this beautiful golden shimmer on the table as the sun hit it. I am really looking forward to fill this journal with facts, stories, memories and pictures of our little Miss P., so thank you so much Nadine and Felix, for this wonderful gift!

It’s the little things

It’s Friday, time to look back and think about happy moments I had last week. The best thing about this week was that we finally found out the gender of our little baby! I’m over the moon to announce that we’re having a little girl in November! Gold stars on the luggage rack of a bicycle. This beautiful view while waiting for my sister. These brushes and pens in a window of a studio we walked by the evening we celebrated that we’re having a daughter. They make me want to paint something immediately. Usually, I would link up this post with Lindsay of Hello Hue, but she didn’t do a „It’s the little things“ post this Friday, so I think maybe she’s having her baby boy this weekend?! If that’s the reason she missed the post, we all know what made her happy this week, anyway. So, have a great weekend, everybody!