There are several instructions and inspiring pictures on the internet – especially on Pinterest – about how to pimp simple onesies.  What a coincidence that cute baby stuff is nearly everything I can think about at the moment, so I planned to pimp some plain white onesies myself.

I started with doodling and collecting ideas of what I would like my onesies to look like, and today I finally started and even finished the first one. And I love how it turned out. After finishing it, I looked at it a thousand times and every time I love it even more and oh, how much cuter will this onesie look with our sweet little baby inside?

I know it’s not a pretty innovative or extraordinary DIY, but I like the thought that maybe my grown up child will dress its own kid in this onesie one day and it will be an unique piece of clothing, embellished with love.

It’s such an easy DIY and there are so many possibilities, I can’t wait to start over with the next one!


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