…on the way! We’re having a baby! We are so happy and excited to have that little one on its way and become a family of three in the end of 2012. Due date is November, 21st.

I am 14 weeks pregnant by now and the baby is doing really well, we already had the first trimester screening and everything’s fine. My belly is growing slowly, when I wear something really tight like the dress in the picture you can imagine it’s a baby belly under there, but in “normal” clothes I just look like I had a really good meal. Whatever, I even love to look fat for that little baby. Uhm, ok, actually, I don’t LOVE it. But I know it’s all worth it.

We bought this cute baby bonnet in London, it’s the first thing we bought for our little baby.

To tell you the truth, this is the other reason, why it took me so long to post something new and to start blogging regularly. I could hardly concentrate on anything else than the baby and, in addition to that, I was really tired the whole day. I still am. But I think I figured out how to manage the fatigue by now.

It’s so good to see how our friends and family are happy for the three of us. This baby is definitely going to have many loving and caring people in its life.



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