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Computerkleider – Free Desktop Wallpaper

Der Juli ist da! Und mit ihm kommt vorsichtig die Sonne aus ihrem Versteck gekrochen, wird ja auch Zeit. Wer will sich da nicht sofort in Sommer-Schale schmeißen, die Picknickdecke rausholen und mit Sonne auf der Haut frische Erdbeeren und leckeres Eis genießen? Eben! Aber bevor wir das machen, bekommt schnell auch noch der Computer ein neues Kleid, ich hab hier mal meine vier Favoriten rausgesucht: Schwarz-weiß gepunktet von Wita Puspita von „Design Is Yay„. Caro von Sodapop Design hats kommen sehen: Here comes the sun! Erdbeeren gehen immer, deswegen hier die Hommage an die süßen Früchte von Kelly Ashworth. Macht Lust, ans Meer zu fahren, der Juli Desktop Kalender vom Free People Blog. Ans Meer fahren wir heute zwar nicht, aber wir werden die Sonnenstrahlen aufsaugen und Eis essen, bis wir platzen! Wie feiert ihr, dass die Sonne sich endlich blicken lässt? Auch mit Superlativen? Größte Sonnenbrille, kürzeste Hose, längstes Sonnenbad?

Patchwork Baby Blanket

So here it is! One of the baby blankets I’ve been working on during pregnancy! Luckily I finished it in time – it is in daily use now. It has the perfect size and I am more than happy with how it turned out. I had a tough time making the fabric choice because nothing seemed to fit together – but in the end, it turned out as a modern, colorful, happy baby blanket. Lately at the pediatrician one of the doctor’s receptionists even asked me where I got this beautiful blanket! It’s always something different when a stranger likes what you did because although it is much more important that family and friends like what I do, they would never tell me that something I made by myself was totally ugly, even if it was. I guess. So I really enjoyed the comment about Lotta’s blanket by someone unfamiliar. I bought fabric like crazy for this blanket – every time I saw a beautiful fabric I told myself it would fit perfectly and bought …

Advent Wreath

Happy second Sunday of Advent, everybody! Surprisingly, I made it to make an Advent wreath last Sunday so we could light the first candle in the evening. Admittedly it’s pretty simple but it just took me five minutes to finish it – and that means more time to snuggle the cutest little baby ever! And despite its simplicity I really like it and enjoy the way it looks with two candles burning. I hope you enjoy this second Sunday of Advent as well, spending time with family or friends, relaxing on the couch with candle light and a delicious, hot drink or maybe you appreciate some glogg on the Christmas market. Whatever it is you do to have a nice day, have fun!