This last week has been really exhausting. Since being back to work, I often have back pain, so it’s extra important to concentrate on the little things that made my life happier last week (clockwise):

A yummi summer drink with mango and strawberry at a chinese restaurant where I had lunch with my boyfriend.

A summer thunderstorm – it was awesome. Luckily, I was inside so I could enjoy it from our balcony and snap some pictures. Don’t you love this smell after a rain shower in the summer? We thought about where this special smell comes from and came to the end that it must be a combination of the heated flagstones and the dust mixed with the rain. Probably it is completely wrong, but it was fun to think about it!

New Shoes! I’m not quite sure if to buy something new counts as a “little thing”, but these new sandals made me really, really happy. I even wore them the days it actually was too cold to walk around in sandals. And…I grabbed another pair in pink. They were on sale which makes me even happier!

A little trip to a store nearby where I’ve never been before and I still can’t believe I haven’t been there yet because they do have so much great stuff I would love to buy that I could spend the money I earn within a year there in about 4 hours or so. And one thing that catched my eye where these pink t-rex dinosaurs standing in a shelf.

Something else I bought was this beautiful flower dress, it was on sale too (I think I paid about 65 per cent less than the original price was), and while trying it on and looking at myself in the mirror, a women told me that she really likes the dress on me and asked if I already know if I’m having a son or a daughter and we started to chat about these little signs that allegedly show you whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl. It turned out that she was pregnant too, but in a very early state so there wasn’t a bump to show yet. It was such a fun and nice conversation and I love that I will always think of it whenever I’m going to wear that cute dress.

I added cherries to my favorite fruit list last weekend when we went grocery shopping with a good friend for his birthday party that same evening. It was really nice to spend some time with a friend, doing banal stuff like grocery shopping and talk about whatever came to our minds.

Yesterday, we met two friends with their little girl, walked to a café nearby, had a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Besides their really fantastic cake, they have the cutest interior, and I love the lovingly chosen details like the peacock sugar bowl and the arrangement of fresh flowers on each table.

Hello Hue Little ThingsLinking up with Lindsay of Hello Hue.

Every time I do this “The little things” post I realize that it’s so good to spend one moment each week to collect the little things that made me happy during the last 7 days, remember them and notice that I’m a really lucky girl. Because of that I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to my boyfriend André, my sister Jules, Torsten, the absolutely cute salesgirls over at “Kauf Dich Glücklich” (shoes), the team of “Herr Max” (cake and cutest interior), the saleswomen at “Lille Stor” (dress) and to someone I didn’t mentioned yet, to my mom, who I talked to several times on the phone this week. Every single one of you made my life happier this week, so thank you!

Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. I love your shoes, very cute! I love the idea of doing looking back every week at the little things that made you happy!

  2. You’re welcome sister! I loved and enjoyed our meeting! Looking forward to wednesday!

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