And suddenly Friday is over and I didn’t even noticed it! So I’m one day late with my little things… I hope everybody had a nice week and is looking forward to an awesome and relaxing weekend as I do.

Here’s what made me happy this week:

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I think we finally decided which stroller to buy. It’s really hard to choose from the huge offering out there and everybody has his own opinion and some people keep telling you that you can’t live without swivel wheels if you’re living in the city as we do, other people think that it’s just not comfy to push the modern and practical strollers with moving wheels because they always go where the street wants them to go and you have to hold it on the track.

After another disappointing hour at a baby store yesterday, we made our way back home without a clear decision. But when we got off the bus and walked the last hundred meters to our home, we saw this young couple, pushing a really beautiful, retro-looking pram, and I just asked them if they would buy one like this again or if they’d prefer having a pram with swivel wheels after some time of experience. It turned out that they even own another pram with moving wheels but both of them, the mom and the dad, agreed to like the retro-looking stroller much more. They would totally buy that one again, and although I thought they owned exactly the stroller that I wanted so much it wasn’t the Hesba stroller. It was an Eichhorn pram and thanks to this absolutely nice couple I think we finally made our decision and we even save about 600 to 700 hundred euros because an Eichhorn stroller is much cheaper than a Hesba. Whoho! And, by the way, I love the cute polka dot lining so much!

  • When I came back home from work this Monday, there was a package waiting for me and I immediately felt guilty because I had no idea what could be inside and I thought that maybe I ordered so much in the internet that I forget about this order. But as I unpacked it, I saw this cute baby sleeping bag and remembered that we participated in a lottery at the Baby World we visited a month ago – and this was our price because we were one of the lucky winners!
  • Yummi stuff always makes me happy and this week it was this delicious tarte flambée with goat cheese, cranberries and fresh rosemary.

  • A little surprise my boyfriend prepared for me earlier this week, a really beautiful rose which smells awesome, a letter and a cute bracelet waited for me at home.

  • We went to a concert of Dan Andriano and Brendan Kelly yesterday and it was really fantastic. It took place in a small location so we could watch and listen to it from the front row and we even had a little chat after the concert with both of the guys.

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