Hi there,

here are some quick Hurricane festival impressions, documented with my iPhone:

We discovered really delicious, vegetarian steaks! Nothing for vegans because they are made from milk, but they were perfect for us!

The tent where Ed Sheeran played – unfortunately, it was already full as we arrived to see him, so we couldn’t. He is playing in Hamburg in November and we’re thinking about getting tickets because I would really love to see him – but it’s 5 days after my due date, so I don’t know how realistic it is.

I got a temporary tattoo, yay! It was supposed to last for 2 weeks but, what can I say, there’s nothing left of it after just 2 days. That’s really disappointing, but besides that, I know for sure now where I want my first tattoo to be placed.

This cute little leather bag is an old bag of my mom, I found it in the attic when I visited them the last time. It’s a little older than me and it was the perfect company during the festival.

During the first two days, the weather was really great, the sun was shining all day long, what meant that there was a lot of dust in the air – but although it wasn’t that pleasant while walking through it and breathing it in, it looks fantastic in the picture above!

Frank Turner was playing when it rained cats and dogs on Sunday noon, but it was gorgeous! People were dancing in the rain, the atmosphere was great, we really had a lot of fun, Frank Turner played great songs, so: Thank you, Mr. Frank Turner, for the great time at the Hurricane Festival!

After dancing in the rain, we had to hang up all of our clothes to dry them – and decided that it was time to go home. On our way back home we had a little problem with our bus – but luckily two other guys with a bus stopped and offered their help. It worked well, we had no more problems and arrived at home safely – but unfortunately we forgot to change numbers with our helpers, so guys, if you ever read this, contact me so we can have a beer together, okay?

The next morning was for cleaning up.

Now, we’re done with festival post processing – and starting over with a new project: to buy a pram!



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