Just a quick update: when you read the blog post before, you already know my boyfriend was bitten by our cat yesterday. During his night shift, the finger became swollen and inflamed, so he had it checked by one of the surgeons with the result that he had a reservation for the OR at 9 am this morning. As I picked him up after surgery and was told what they did to his finger ,I had to cry a little bit because yes, I am a nurse, but for me it makes a huge difference to see someone injured you love compared to someone you just don’t know.

André's bandaged hand

I think, for the next days or maybe weeks it will be my job to do everything in the household as well as everything else he can’t do with just one hand. But let’s see the positive aspect –  at least we’re going to spent some time together because he can’t work with just one hand.

Have a nice weekend!


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