But how? I’ve been thinking for a while about what would be the “right topic“ to start my blog with. Maybe some pictures I took recently, maybe a DIY project or something personal about me? But every time I chose something and started writing it just doesn’t felt right. At some stage I reminded myself of why I actually want to do this blog. It’s because I want to get back to a creative life and the blog shall help me to focus on becoming creative again. For the last 8 years, my whole life was concentrated on becoming a doctor but on the long road to get the admission to study, while doing shift work as a nurse in an emergency room, my creativity got lost. I haven’t touched my sewing machine for years, neither have I stiched nor knitted anything, I stopped being creative at all.

But in the end of 2011 I noticed I wasn’t happy with how my life was developing, my whole life was concentrated on studying, I had no time left to meet my friends or family, I always felt sick and exhausted. AND I was missing all the creative stuff in my life. I used the semester break to think about me, my expectations in life and my professional future. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made but I ended up with giving up my studies at medical school and guess what? I’m feeling so much better now. Although it’s really frightening to start at the beginning again, the world is open to me now again, I can start something new and that is a fantastic feeling. 

So in the end I think this first blog post is a final GOODBYE MEDICINE and a HELLO UNKNOWN FUTURE at the same time. Lets see what comes up next!


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  1. Hallo liebe Johanna,
    hier hat ja tatsächlich noch niemand kommentiert.

    Ich folge dir seit einigen Wochen auf Instagram und bin sehr begeistert von deinem Feed, den Stories und ganz besonders von der kleinen Ella. Ich habe dann auch angefangen, deinen Blog zu lesen. Über die related Posts bin ich dann so quer durch die Jahre geswitcht und irgendwie war es dann komisch, so mittendrin einzusteigen. Darum habe ich mir jetzt vorgenommen, einfach am Anfang zu beginnen.

    Dein Blog ist so schön und da ich wegen meiner kleinen Tochter, die jetzt 5 1/2 Monate alt ist, nachts eh immer mal wieder wach bin, nutze ich die Zeit während des Stillens einfach zum Lesen. Dann schlafe ich auch nicht immer im Sitzen ein ;-)

    Ich freue mich, dass ich jetzt als erste deinen ersten Post kommentiere und auf die kleine Zeitreise, die nun vor mir liegt.

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