Photo A Day June. Only 3 photos instead of 7 as a result for week number two in this challenge. Not a good result. This third week started better, the first two pictures are done and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s  “what’s in your bag” theme. But first of all, here are my three pictures for the last week:

  • Day 8: six o’clock: right corner top
  • Day 9: your view today: right corner bottom
  • Day 10: best bit of your weekend: left

I’m a little bit disappointed by myself that I didn’t manage to take one photo a day again! Especially because it seems as if everybody else can do it. But…I will do the best I can to finish this month with at least 26 out of 30 photos.

Have a nice Sunday!



  1. I haven’t been keeping up either. :( This is the first month I tried to do “photo a day,” and I have fallen off the wagon this past week. It’s harder than you’d think!

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