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Obwohl Freitag schon fast vorbei ist, mache ich trotzdem noch mit! Und zwar beim Frage-Foto-Freitag von Steffi vom „Ohhhmhhh“-Blog. Sie stellt jeden Donnerstag 5 Fragen oder eine Aufgabe, die mit Fotos beantwortet werden. Diese Woche geht es um fünf Dinge, für die wir diese Woche lieben. Although Friday is nearly over I still want to participate in a photo challenge called Frage-Foto-Freitag by Steffi of the blog „Ohhhmhhh“. Every Thursday, she publishes 5 questions or one task to be answered with pictures. This weeks question is about what we love this week for. Das sind meine fünf: Here are my five things: 1: Wir haben endlich den häßlichen alten Wecker im Bad durch einen schönen, neuen ersetzt. Mit dieser knalligen Farbkombi fällt mir das morgendliche Aufstehen tatsächlich ein bisschen leichter. Ein klitzekleines bisschen. 1: We finally made it to replace the old and ugly alarm clock with a beautiful new one. Thanks to this color combination, I now get up a little bit easier in the morning. A tiny little bit better. 2: Freunde sind …

Photo A Day June, Day 8-10

Photo A Day June. Only 3 photos instead of 7 as a result for week number two in this challenge. Not a good result. This third week started better, the first two pictures are done and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s  „what’s in your bag“ theme. But first of all, here are my three pictures for the last week: Day 8: six o’clock: right corner top Day 9: your view today: right corner bottom Day 10: best bit of your weekend: left I’m a little bit disappointed by myself that I didn’t manage to take one photo a day again! Especially because it seems as if everybody else can do it. But…I will do the best I can to finish this month with at least 26 out of 30 photos. Have a nice Sunday!

Photo A Day June

Let’s do it! Only 2 more days until the June Photo A Day challenge starts! Photo a day by fatmumslim is a fantastic challenge to take one picture every day with a given topic. I did it once for a whole month in February 2012, you can see my photos here. In March, April and May I tried – and failed. I don’t know why, it just didn’t work for me in the past three months. But June will be a perfect month to give it another try! June is my month, anyway, because I’ve been born in June. And the June challenge list is colored pink, I already love it! So if you haven’t tried to participate in this challenge, you should start right now!