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Birthday Card Journal

This year, as my birthday was over and I started to tidy my birthday table, I decided not to throw all of my beautiful birthday cards into the box where I usually collect stuff like that, but do something beautiful with them. I had some of the pictures of the weekend printed, grabbed the most beautiful wrapping paper, ribbons and of course a scissor, some glue and washi tape, and put together a little Birthday Card Journal. It’s fun to browse through it and remember this beautiful weekend I had. Probably, I will do this every year from now on, I think it’s a better way to collect these cards than hiding them in a dark box and never look at them again except for when you have to clean out before a move. Here are some pictures:

It’s the little things

I realized lately that I have a tendency to make everything bad bigger than it really is and forget about the beautiful and nice things that make me happy. So I planned to do a weekly post with little things that make me happy during daily life. Funnily, Lindsay of Hello Hue started a new  „It’s the little things“ blog party yesterday – and because this is exactly what I wanted to do, focus and concentrate on the little things that make you happy during a „normal day“, I decided to join this blog party because it’s even better to share the things that you’re happy about with other people. And I hope it’s not too bad that I’m one day late, the next blog party post will be right on time next friday! So here we go – what made me happy this week: Spending an evening with two of my closest friends, watching a football game and enjoying some beer (for me: non-alcoholic, of course). Strawberries. I can’t get enough of them! Starting to sew …