DSC_0868Christmas is over, and it has been a very special one for us, our first Christmas as a family. We had a great time with our loved ones, got awesome presents (Lotta got the most, but luckily, she is not able to unwrap the presents on her own, so I had to help her. I love to unwrap presents, meaning that I had a lot of fun this year!) and a tasty dinner. We even had our “Goodbye Christmas”-Party on 26 December, where we have some close friends at our home to let Christmas fade away in a relaxed atmosphere. With our five week old baby girl we hesitated briefly if it is possible to have a newborn child and a party at our home. But in the end I am so happy we decided to spend the evening with our friends and to see that it works great to have a baby and a social life. Especially because we want our “Goodbye Christmas”-Party to become a tradition and it would have been too sad to not celebrate it in its second year.

DSC_0821I really love the time of the day when all the beautifully wrapped presents are lying under the Christmas tree. Maybe I like it even more than to unwrap the gifts in the evening because it is so cozy to sit together, the Christmas tree candles are glowing, everybody is chatting, nibbling Christmas cookies and there is this tension in the air, the thought of what to come, the thrill of anticipation. A fantastic feeling! I am so excited how Christmas will be with a one year old toddler next year! Can’t wait!



So, goodbye Christmas for this year, we had a great time with family and friends, I’m looking forward to next year!


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