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Hurricane Favorite No.7

So this is my last Hurricane Favorite Post because today is the day the journey to the long festival weekend finally begins! We still have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow – pack our bag’s, pick up our van, do grocery shopping and…that’s it. After we’ve done that we just have to drive to the festival area, find a good place to camp and – done! Let the fun begin! Back to my favorite artists No.7 – „Die Ärzte“. They’re a German punk rock band and one of the headliners of the festival. I saw them about 10 years ago and it was a great show so I’m really excited about their performance. I’m off till Monday, have a great weekend!

Hurricane Favorite No.5

Yeah, only one more week until we’re finally going to see all these fantastic musicians! My favorite for today is Ed Sheeran – I have to admit I didn’t even know him before I was browsing through the list of bands that are announced to play at the festival. I thought it would be good to listen to the music of some of the bands I didn’t call my favorites yet, and so I ended up really loving Ed Sheerans‘ music. This is probably the best-known song of Ed Sheeran, I thought about choosing another one I really, really like, it’s called „Small Bump“ – but „The A Team“ made it today. If you don’t know „Small Bump“ yet, you should really listen to – it’s worth it!

Hurricane Favorite No.4

It’s time to present another favorite band I’m looking forward to see at the upcoming Hurricane Festival. Mumford & Sons. image found here Their music always makes me think at a little trip to Denmark my boyfriend and I did one and a half year ago, we drove there by car and listened to their album „Sigh No More“ nearly the whole time. It makes music so much more special when you connect an experience with it – preferably a good one, of course. What I really like about the songs of Mumford & Sons is that they are so different from all these mainstream songs out there. They are warm and powerful and rhythmically, I like, that they play their instruments themselves and I really love their use of unusual instruments. While searching on You Tube for a song I could use for this blog post, I found this special version of „The Cave“: The use of the accordion gave me goose bumps, but in a very pleasant way. I hope, you like it as …