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Advent Wreath

Happy second Sunday of Advent, everybody! Surprisingly, I made it to make an Advent wreath last Sunday so we could light the first candle in the evening. Admittedly it’s pretty simple but it just took me five minutes to finish it – and that means more time to snuggle the cutest little baby ever! And despite its simplicity I really like it and enjoy the way it looks with two candles burning. I hope you enjoy this second Sunday of Advent as well, spending time with family or friends, relaxing on the couch with candle light and a delicious, hot drink or maybe you appreciate some glogg on the Christmas market. Whatever it is you do to have a nice day, have fun!


Yesterday morning, I finally had time to snap some photos again while Lotta was asleep. It was St. Nicholas‘ Day and we each got a little something stuck in the boot we polished and put out in front of the door the evening before (actually, we did not really polish our boots and they did not stand outside the door but that’s how it should be, so lets imagine we made it right). For those of you who don’t have an idea what I am talking about: St. Nicholas‘ day is celebrated in Germany on December 6 as a small prelude to Christmas where you wake up in the morning to find sweets and a little gift – or a birch for those who haven’t been good during the year – in a boot you prepared the way we did the evening before. It is much harder to get back into some routine than I thought it would be. Not because it is stressful with Lotta, it is just so fantastic to hold her in my arms …