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Colorful Birthday Card

For most people , January is the month when celebrating is (finally) over. For my family and me it is the month where we celebrate my father’s, my mother’s as well as my grandmother’s birthdays. This year, the first of the three birthdays was kinda special because my father turned 50 on January 2! And of course that meant I would make him a special birthday card! A small but nice creative project to start the year with. And the day, as well – I always make birthday cards just a few hours before we leave our home for the birthday party because I get the best results when working under stress. It’s not the most relaxing way to work but the most effective. Do you make birthday cards by yourself or do you buy them? I think a self-made card is such a nice and personal addition to the birthday present plus it is fun and inexpensive making it. If you haven’t tried yet you really should, the gifted person will be delighted! Have …

Birthday Card Journal

This year, as my birthday was over and I started to tidy my birthday table, I decided not to throw all of my beautiful birthday cards into the box where I usually collect stuff like that, but do something beautiful with them. I had some of the pictures of the weekend printed, grabbed the most beautiful wrapping paper, ribbons and of course a scissor, some glue and washi tape, and put together a little Birthday Card Journal. It’s fun to browse through it and remember this beautiful weekend I had. Probably, I will do this every year from now on, I think it’s a better way to collect these cards than hiding them in a dark box and never look at them again except for when you have to clean out before a move. Here are some pictures:

Birthday Card DIY

Earlier this year, I designed and made a birthday card for the 50th birthday of my mothers‘ dear friend Conny. Her sign is pisces, so my mother wanted something with a fish for the card. Plus something with butterflies. So I did a little brainstorming and ended up with a folded, fish shaped card with butterflies inside, carrying a 50. I made a fish template out of my drawing, cut a fish out of cardboard, punched the butterflies with a butterfly shaped punch out of old magazines to create different colored butterflies and drew and cut out the 50. After arranging the butterflies and the 50 on the card once to see how it would turn out, I sewed the butterflies on the card, starting with the butterflies on top to avoid sewing over butterflies already placed, making sure that every seam ended somewhere at the top of the 50 to create the effect of butterflies carrying the number. As soon as I finished the inside of the card, I started to paint the outside …