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Lovely Package Exchange Favorites

Hey guys,

after having some trouble with iPhoto, it seems to work agin at the moment so I take the opportunity to show you my two favorite packages I made for Cate in the context of the Lovely Package Exchange . For the first one, I used the vintage letter stamps I bought for Cate to stamp her name on the tag. I really like how this turned out, the combination of simple brown paper with black ribbon and a hint of color added by the name tag.

The four envelopes are handmade by me, they all have a different color and a patterned lining as well as a unique outside design. I love to get handwritten letters, but I think it’s even more fun to receive a letter in a beautiful envelope! Besides, I had a great time making them! I realized that I should have taken a picture of each envelope, but I didn’t, so we have to be ok with just seeing the one on top of the pile.

Hope you had a nice week so far!

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