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I need your help!

Guys, I know, we’re not that familiar yet, but could you please do me a favor and vote for me on Facebook? All you have to do is to click this link and click the „like button“ for me. It’s a competition I was asked to participate in at the baby exhibition we visited yesterday, and as I really love how the photo turned out I decided to join, and I hope to win something for the first time in my life! You all know the saying „Unlucky at cards, lucky in love“ – and I am, obviously, lucky in love!

But maybe, with a little help from my friends, I could win the first prize. It’s a basket stuffed with useful and super cute stuff for a mum (to be) and a (unborn) baby,  including a baby phone.

image source

I appreciate your help, thank you very much!

P.S.Isn’t the stork (my shooting partner) absolutely adorable? Unfortunately, it’s a special edition just for the baby exhibition. But they offer other cute animals, if you’re interested to have a look, the shop’s name is „Glaube und Wahrheit“.

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