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Birthday Card DIY

Earlier this year, I designed and made a birthday card for the 50th birthday of my mothers‘ dear friend Conny. Her sign is pisces, so my mother wanted something with a fish for the card. Plus something with butterflies. So I did a little brainstorming and ended up with a folded, fish shaped card with butterflies inside, carrying a 50.

I made a fish template out of my drawing, cut a fish out of cardboard, punched the butterflies with a butterfly shaped punch out of old magazines to create different colored butterflies and drew and cut out the 50.

After arranging the butterflies and the 50 on the card once to see how it would turn out, I sewed the butterflies on the card, starting with the butterflies on top to avoid sewing over butterflies already placed, making sure that every seam ended somewhere at the top of the 50 to create the effect of butterflies carrying the number.

As soon as I finished the inside of the card, I started to paint the outside in my mothers‘ friends‘ favorite colors.

After coloring the fish, I sewed a little button and a string on it as a closure and that’s it! A really special birthday card no one else ever had before.

I had so much fun creating and making this card and I still love how it turned out. The butterflies are my favorite part, I’m sure it won’t be the last time I used this technique.

How do you like self-made cards for all the events worth celebrating? I love making a special card for every event and for every person I think who deserves something special. Do you make cards yourself or do you prefer buying them?

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